Our team creates competitive advantage by extracting knowledge from your company’s large and complex data pipelines. We conceptualize, build and deploy realtime analytics services that allows you to automate decision making in the split of a second. Scale your operations by offloading tasks from your domain experts, keeping them focused on the new challenges.


Collaborate with us to complement and empower your team with dedicated machine learning experts and answer critical business questions with the knowledge that is concealed in your data. Our partnership brings experts directly in contact with your champions, gathering their existing knowledge so that your entire organization can improve.


No two challanges are the same. We continuously adapt and innovate to bring you tailor made solutions that fit your needs. Time-series, text analysis, financial data, operational optimization, reporting and more. These are just tools at our disposal.

Product Recomendation

Provide contextualized and user-centric product recomendations to drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Call Center Optimization

Reach more clients with less call attempts by optimizing your outbound operations. A strategic dialer solution helps you maintain customer satisfaction while also driving sales up.

Know Your Customer

Understand your customer and make informed business decisions: who is going to churn, what are their decision drivers, what is their satisfaction level, what are the bussiness oportunities

Failure Detection

Pinpoint hardware and software problems in your infrastructure and fix issues before your users notice.

Sales Targeting

Identify which clients are likely to convert and optimize your sales and marketing campaings.

Our Clients